At ATX our number one priority is to earn

customer's trust and forge lasting relationships.


First and foremost, we do this by listening to our customers. We provide experienced sales and technical
support personnel to listen to our customer’s concerns and source the best possible solutions.


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Design solutions


Our Engineering Services



- Professional mechanical contracting services

- Engineering management services

- Engineering consulting services

- Mechanical engineering design solutions for Semiconductor

  and High Tech Construction projects

- Mechanical construction services for new construction

- Mechanical construction services for retrofitting old facilities

- Mechanical systems maintenance services

- Turn-key mechanical and process construction services



As a result of our vast experience both in US and overseas, ATX can provide consistently unmatched quality workmanship, cost-effective and intelligent solutions in a timely manner for semiconductor industry applications while maintaining a safe working environment.  We have expertise in the fabrication and installation of sophisticated process and high purity piping systems, process exhaust, HVAC piping/sheet metal and sanitary plumbing and point of use Gas Abatement systems.

As we are one of the few companies with experience in working in extremely fast-track projects in Asia, we can provide specialized services to those semiconductor manufacturers with their origins in Asia. And for all other customers, we bring innovative solutions we have learned through our experience working overseas.