POU Abatement System Sales

ATX is the official sales representative of CSK brand
Point of Use Gas Abatement Systems including


•  CW Series Wet System

•  CTW Series Thermal Wet System

•  CBW Series Burn Wet System

•  Resin Absorbent Dry Systems

•  Plasma Abatement Systems


Replacement Middle Skins

for AMAT Mirra & Mirra Mesa


Direct OEM Replacement

New Sealed Window Design :  

Replaceable Windows Ensure:

  •  Improved Process Visibility

  •  Enhanced Tool Cleanliness

Optional Dark Windows for:

  •  Light Sensitive Processes 

  •  Protection of Intellectual Property 

Rigid Outer Frame made of ¼” 
Chemical Resistant ABS Plastic

Available for All Three Platens

  •  Clear

  •  Black