Through our Innovative Maintenance Solutions our customers can 

•  Lower the cost of ownership of POU abatement systems

•  Increase the manufacturing tool uptime

•  Save overall management cost for sub fabs

•  Extend service intervals

New Building Construction


Our New Building Construction

services consist of :


•  Process Exhaust

•  Process Cooling Water

•  Bulk Gas and Chemical Systems



Design Solutions


Our new building construction services consist of:


•  Equipment Installation Service

•  Exhaust Gas Management

    System Installation

•  Point Of Use (POU) Abatement

    System Installation

•  Equipment Modification

•  Equipment Repair

•  Quality Control Testing

•  Equipment Improvement

•  Custome Equipment Design


Management and Maintenance

ATX Provides a full range of gas abatement systems services to
semiconductor manufacturing facilities. We handle anything from
simple repairs to contracted on-site maintenance services.


•  Gas Abatement System maintenance

•  Exhaust management system maintenance

•  Maintenance of vacuum system sub components such as Auto Gate Valves, Hot N2 systems

•  Powder collection system maintenance

•  Point of Use Gas Abatement Systems we work with include
AW-400, AW-600, ATW-600, CW-400, CW-600, CTW-600
CBW-600, TPU, Helios-4, EcoSys, GST, UnisemHot N2 Exhaust transfer systems include Suntek, Multi-Tech

•  Auto Gate Valves include Terra Tech

•  Dry pump exhaust line periodic maintenance

•  Hot N2 system installation and maintenance program

•  Gate Valve maintenance service

•  Powder Trap installation and periodic Maintenance

•  Supply sub fab materials such as fittings, valves, and gauges

Through our innovative maintenance solutions our customers can

•  Lower the cost of ownership of POU                       abatement systems

•  Increase the manufacturing tool uptime

•  Extend service intervals

•  Exhaust management system maintenance